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Zippy Paws - Retro Camper Burrow

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Bring the great outdoors inside for your dog with the ZippyPaws Retro Camper Zippy Burrow! This hide-and-seek plush dog toy set features a Retro Camper with an opening at the top to hide the 3 included Miniz Plush Squeaky Toys inside for your dog to retrieve. The Miniz include a bear, fox, and wolf, but you can also interchange the Miniz with other small dog toys or dry dog treats for more fun for your pet! Interactive and challenging, this plush puzzle game for dogs offers plenty of entertainment to help combat boredom for your dog in a unique way!

Why Do Dogs Burrow or Dig?

Maybe you’ve seen your dog bury their toys in the backyard or duck under your covers. Burrowing or digging is a natural instinct for dogs, and there are several common reasons for this behaviour:

  • Security and Comfort: Sometimes, burrowing or digging can be an indicator of stress, anxiety or even exhaustion. When you notice your dog hiding under the covers, it could mean that they’re looking for a safe and secure place to relax and nap. However, if the digging/burrowing seems obsessive or your dog is constantly panting or whining while burrowing, then you may want to consult your vet for further assistance and guidance.
  • Desire to Bond or Stay Cozy and Warm: If your dog LOVES to go under the covers with you, it’s simply because they want to bond and stay close to their favourite human! For an even simpler reason, your dog may be burrowing to keep warm.
  • Burn Off Excess Energy: In some cases, dogs can start digging or burrowing enthusiastically because they have excess energy to burn or they’re still hyperactive, which is why Zippy Burrows can come in handy in these situations!

Burrowing or digging behaviour isn’t always a sign that your dog may feel stressed or anxious. It can just be a way for them to release and express their natural instincts! Make sure you pay attention to their burrowing/digging patterns so that you can determine if there’s more behind the behaviour or if your dog is just being a dog!

Note: Keep in mind that dog breeds will burrow/dig at varying levels. Some may not do it often while others do it more frequently. Always consult your vet if you believe your dog’s burrowing behaviour has become more obsessive and has increased in frequency over time. This can be caused by a number of things, such as stress due to a new environment. Burrowing toys like the Zippy Burrow are meant for entertainment purposes only, but may help with satisfying your dog’s instincts of burrowing or redirect their burrowing behaviour to the toy instead.


  • 4-piece burrowing and hide-and-seek plush dog toy set featuring a Retro Camper Zippy Burrow and 3 Miniz Squeaky & Plush Toys to place inside the camper!
  • Interactive dog toy and puzzle set that helps sharpen your dog’s cognitive skills and keeps them entertained for longer with challenging play
  • Each Miniz includes one squeaker inside to entice your pet to engage with the toy
  • Miniz can be used with other Zippy Burrows and Retro Camper can be used with other Miniz
  • Mix and match with other Zippy Burrow toys!
  • Ideal for small to medium dog to enjoy


Set Includes: Retro Camper Zippy Burrow, 3 Miniz Squeaky Toys (Fox, Bear, Wolf)

Burrow Size: Approximately 24cm x 15cm x 20cm

Keep your dog entertained with the ZippyPaws Retro Camper Zippy Burrow Hide-and-Seek Plush Dog Toy Set!

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