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Zippy Paws - Playful Pal Plush Squeaker Rope Dog Toy - Luca the Lobster

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Banish boredom, furry friend! Meet Luca the Lobster, your ultimate playtime companion!

Is your furry friend in the doldrums? Fear not, because Luca the Lobster is here to infuse some playtime pizzazz! This delightful red lobster is not only charming but also boasts a plushy texture, cotton rope legs, embroidered details, crinkle claws, and string whiskers for a sensory fiesta.

Dive into the vibrant world of Playful Pal dog toys – the squeaky, crinkly companions your dog will love to pal around with! Each endearing Playful Pal character, including the delightful Luca, is equipped with a lively medium Blaster squeaker and crinkly appendages, promising a sea of entertainment for your playful pup. Get ready for some tail-wagging, claw-snapping fun!


  • Squeaky and crinkly
  • Medium Blaster squeaker
  • Other characters available

One size: Approx. 34cm tall

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