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Zippy Paws - Camping Tent Burrow

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The ZippyPaws Camping Tent Zippy Burrow is a 4-piece hide-and-seek plush dog toy set featuring a Camping Tent Burrow with one opening at the top to hide the 3 included squeaky and plush Miniz inside. Miniz include a campfire, pine tree, and compass.


  • Hide-and-seek plush burrowing dog toy set with Camping Tent and 3 Miniz
  • Each Miniz small plush dog toy includes 1 squeaker inside
  • Interchangeable with other Zippy Burrows or Miniz
  • For small to medium dogs

Set Includes: Camping Tent Zippy Burrow, 3 Miniz Squeaky Toys (Campfire, Pine Tree, and Compass)

Burrow Size: Approximately 20cm x 17.5cm x 17.5cm

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