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True Charlie Co - Sasha Lead - Pink - The Slimline Charlie

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Sleek, slim and fancy! True Charlie Co.'s latest release is a slim version of the Sasha, our quality clip leash! This beauty uses 8mm climbing rope, instead of the standard 12mm.

Named after our loveable Staffy rescue pup, “The Sasha” is lightweight, yet made of tough climbing rope with high quality stitching and an easy-fasten steel clip that won’t rust. 

It has a conventional clip to attach it to any collar or harness and is suitable for all breeds, large and small, but ideally suited to the smaller of our four-legged friends. Our 150cm lead is long enough to give your pooch a little more freedom to move, but short enough to keep them safely under your control when walking along a busy road.  

And it’s a real beauty – this is one good-looking lead!  It comes in a pastel pink you’ll love, with real leather accents.  Bow Wow WOW!  


  • Soft, strong climbing rope - gentle on your hands
  • Conventional clip - easy to attach to your dog's collar or harness
  • Metal clip swivels - reduces tangling
  • 150cm length - long enough to secure your dog while you enjoy a coffee!

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