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Total Dog 1st Aid Kit - Standard

Sale price$69.00


Total-Dog-1st-Aid Kit, is available in Pink, Black and Red. It contains 57 quality items, all packed and checked by hand in Australia. 

Included inside:

6 x Non Adhesive Sterile Wound Pads

4 x 15ml Saline Wound Wash

2 x 5cm Elastic Gauze bandage

2 x 7.5cm Elastic Gauze bandage

2 x 2 Pairs of PVC Gloves

1 x Metal Tweezers

1 x Metal Bandage Scissors

3 x Soap Wipes

3 x Alcohol Wipes

2 x Large Trauma Pads

1 x Thermal Blanket

1 x Sterile Gauze

1 x 10 ml Syringe

1 x Crepe Bandage 

2 x 5 cm Self-Stick Cohesive Bandages

2 x 10 cm Self-Stick Cohesive Bandages

2 x 10 pcs Cotton Balls

1 x Tick Remover Card 

1 x Mini LED Torch with

3 x AAA Batteries

1 x Digital Thermometer

1 x Button Battery 

1 x 20 ml Diluted Iodine Solution

2 x Biodegradable Disposable Waste Bags

1 x 10 g Organic Activated Charcoal

3 x Double Sided Information Cards

1 x Emergency Lead

3 x Cotton tips

2 x Cotton Pads

1 x Water Resistant Bag

1 x Treats


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