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Tail and Co - Green Lipped Mussel Powder

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Our Green Lipped Mussels Powder offers a convenient way to support your dog's health. This fine powder can be effortlessly sprinkled over your pet's food, aiding in addressing various health concerns such as arthritis or decreased mobility. Packed with Omega-3, it brings a plethora of benefits including reducing infections, improving dermatological conditions, enhancing brain function, and mitigating cardiovascular issues. Additionally, it assists in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and rheumatoid arthritis while promoting a shiny coat and controlling odors. With a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly, our product ensures freshness and efficacy. For dosing, while there's no set recommendation, starting with a conservative amount and adjusting as needed is advised, tailored to your dog's size and health requirements.


50g pouch

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