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Tail and Co - Fancy Feet

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"Fancy Feet" Chicken Feet Dog Treats – A Crunchy Delight for Paws of All Sizes!

🐔 Natural Crunchy Treat: "Fancy Feet" are natural chicken feet treats that provide a satisfying crunch, making them an entertaining chew for small to medium dogs and a rewarding treat for larger ones.

🚫 No Artificial Additives: You can trust "Fancy Feet" since they contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives – just pure, wholesome chicken.

🦴 Joint Health Support: These treats are high in protein and chondroitin, making them perfect for helping with joint inflammation in older dogs, contributing to their overall well-being.

🐶 Dental Hygiene: "Fancy Feet" can also serve as a dental aid, helping to maintain your dog's dental hygiene as they chew and gnaw.

📏 Varied Sizes: Sizes can vary, with each treat generally measuring between 12-16cm long and 3-4cm wide, and weighing between 18-28g. Please keep in mind that this is a general measurement, and sizes can still vary.

📦 Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains 100g of "Fancy Feet" Chicken Feet treats in a resealable pouch, ensuring freshness for every snack time.

Treat your furry friend to "Fancy Feet" Chicken Feet Dog Treats – a natural, crunchy, and nutritious reward that will keep tails wagging with delight!

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