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Ruby Rhubarb Sailor Bow and Bow Tie

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Introducing our exquisitely crafted Ruby Rhubarb Sailor Bows and Bow Ties, a testament to style and individuality.

🎀 Sailor Bow Style:
- Dimensions: L: 12cm x W: 12cm

👔 Bow Tie Style:
- Dimensions: L: 7cm x W: 12cm

- Crafted from locally sourced textured linen, ensuring a touch of natural luxury.
- Adorned with our distinctive acrylic logo, a symbol of quality and craftsmanship.
- Designed for comfort and ease, featuring two white elastic loops positioned discreetly at the back.

**Proudly Designed & Handmade with Love in Melbourne**

Wear our Sailor Bows and Bow Ties with pride, showcasing your unique style and supporting a brand rooted in creativity and passion. Discover the essence of Ruby Rhubarb today.


Please note these products are handmade and will vary in pattern placement and sizing

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