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Rover Pet Products - Coffee Cup

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Introducing the Rover Pet Products Coffee Cup – the perfect way to enjoy your morning brew while treating your dog to some fun!

☕ Coffee Cup Enrichment Toy: A delightful and interactive coffee cup design.
🦴 Durable Natural Rubber: Built to withstand strong chewers.
💚 Fun Green Coffee Cup Design: Adds a touch of playfulness to your dog's day.
🍽️ Fill with Healthy Treats: Make snack time engaging and rewarding.
🌱 Biodegradable, Sustainable, and Non-Toxic Material: Safe for your pet and the planet.
🛡️ Thick-Walled Construction: While sturdy, remember no dog toy is indestructible.
👀 Always Supervise Your Pooch: Safety is paramount!

Enjoy your coffee, and let your pup savor playtime with the Rover Pet Products Coffee Cup – the ultimate toy for interactive fun and enrichment! ☕🐾

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