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Rover Pet Products - Bottle Top Flyer

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Introducing the Rover Pet Products Bottle Top Flyer – the perfect flying toy for your canine companion!

🐾 Durable natural rubber in the shape of a soft drink bottle pop top
🎯 Ideal for fetch and frisbee games
🤩 Loads of fun for you and your furry friend
🌿 Sustainable, non-toxic, and biodegradable
✈️ Designed to soar through the air
🦷 Gentle on your dog's teeth and gums during flight

Key Features:
🟢 The Original Bottle Top Flyer is crafted from Puppyprene 2.0, an all-natural rubber compound.
🚀 Flies extremely well for exhilarating playtime.
🌱 Made from 100% natural proprietary latex.
👀 Always supervise your pup for safe play.

Available in two sizes:
🐶 Large for dogs 15kg+ with a 24.7cm diameter.
🐾 Small for dogs less than 15kg with a 17.7cm diameter.

Elevate your dog's playtime with the Rover Pet Products Bottle Top Flyer!

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