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Nina Ottosson - Dog Treat Puzzle - Level 1

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  • Hide a few of your dog’s favourite treats under each of the bone-shaped puzzle pieces, and challenge your dog to lift up the bones with their paw or nose to get to the treats underneath. It’s rewarding and stimulating 
    • Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds
    • Place treats, dry food or even wet food in each of the compartments, then cover it with one of the bone-shaped puzzle pieces
    • The puzzle pieces can be arranged in different ways to keep your dog interested
    • To get to their treats, your dog will need to use their nose, mouth or paw to lift up the puzzle pieces
    • Puzzle feeders keep your dog’s mind sharp by developing their problem-solving skills. They also help reduce behaviour associated with boredom, like destructive chewing, digging and barking
    • Use with your dog, guiding them and encouraging them until they understand how it works
    • Easy to keep clean – just wash in your sink with warm, soapy water after use
    • This is a Level 1 challenge, ideal for dogs new to puzzle feeders. 
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