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Nina Ottosson - Cat Treat Puzzle Melon Madness - Level 2

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  • Dog people already know about Nina Ottosson's range of clever puzzle feeders for even cleverer dogs. But did you know Nina also makes puzzle feeders for smarty cats too? Yep - it's true!

    Nina Ottosson's Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Cat Toy is a colourful and fun way to keep your curious kitty's mind active. Pop treats inside the six available spaces and your cat will need to move the pegs and black "seeds" out of the way to get to them. 
    • Made from eco-friendly material that’s free from BPAs, PVC and phthalates
    • Suitable for clever cats of all ages and breeds
    • Use a Puzzle Feeder to supplement your cat’s diet, not as their only source of food
    • Puzzle feeders keep cats calm and occupied, reducing behavioural issues caused by anxiety and boredom
    • The Melon Madness Puzzle and Play can be adapted so it's easy at first, then becomes harder once your cat gets the hang of the challenge
    • At first, supervise your cat as they use their Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeder, guiding and encouraging them so they can understand how it works
    • Easy to keep clean – just wash your cat’s Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeder in your sink with warm, soapy water after use
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