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Lickimat - UFO

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Introducing the LickiMat UFO – a revolutionary way to feed your pet and promote their mental and oral health. Say goodbye to traditional feeding bowls and embrace a fun and interactive feeding experience. Here's a concise product description:

A Unique Feeding Experience: The LickiMat UFO is designed to provide your pet with a unique and engaging feeding experience. Created by veterinarians, this innovative product encourages active licking action, stimulating your pet's tongue and releasing calming hormones that help reduce anxiety.

Seven Suction Cups for Stability: This LickiMat UFO comes equipped with seven suction cups to ensure it stays securely attached to surfaces. Whether it's on the floor or a vertical surface, it captures both food and saliva, making feeding more enjoyable and mess-free.

Designed for Hydrotherapy: The LickiMat UFO is carefully designed for hydrotherapy, making it an excellent choice for pets that need therapeutic water treatments. It keeps them engaged and distracted during the process.

Perfect for Grooming and Bathing: This versatile product also serves as an excellent grooming and bathing distractor. It keeps your pet occupied and calm during these activities, making them more manageable.

- Made from 250g of 100% natural rubber.
- 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
- Ideal for vertical surfaces, capturing both food and saliva.
- Great for travel, helping you avoid messy feeding situations on the go.

The LickiMat UFO is not just a feeding tool; it's a way to enhance your pet's well-being and make everyday activities more enjoyable. Say hello to a new era of feeding and engagement with this unique and versatile product.

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