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Indie Boho - Travel Mat - Native Flora - Regular

Sale price$64.95


Introducing our Native Flora Design Travel Mat! 🌼🌿 This beautiful creation by renowned Melbourne artist Debi Hudson captures the vibrant colors of Australian wildflowers and plants, showcasing their unique shapes and hardiness. 🎨 Whether it's a weekend adventure, mat training, or treat time at home, this mat is designed to bring joy to your pet's life! 🐾

🌟 Features:
- Size: Regular - 100 x 70cm πŸ“
- Double-sided reversible print πŸ”„
- Portable and lightweight 🏞️
- Padded for extra comfort πŸ›οΈ
- Water-resistant for durability πŸ’§
- Foldable for easy storage 🧳
- Easy to cleanβ€”machine wash separately in cold water and line dry 🧼🌞

With its own carry handle, this travel mat is perfect for pet owners on the go who want both style and functionality. Upgrade your pet's comfort and style with our Native Flora Design Travel Mat! 🐢🐱🌼

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