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Indie Boho - Pet Bed - Leopard Luxe

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This sumptuous leopard print was exclusively illustrated for Indie Boho and will suit those with impeccable taste for luxury home decor and fashion. The elements of Leopard Luxe are perfectly balanced- with the majestic wild animals relaxing in the morning sun between vibrant pink orchids and lush palm leaves. The rich golden tones of this jungle scene will complement your own furniture perfectly and will hide shedding fur. 

Reversible- with the illustration on the front and a stylised pattern on the back


Size Guide:

Medium size: approx 65 x 50 x 7cm

Large size: approx 85 x 65 x 8cm

X Large size: approx 100 x 85 x 9cm

XX Large size: approx 115 x 95 x 10cm

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