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House of Woof - Hand Drawn Dog Breed Bow Ties

Sale price$21.95


Discover the charm of our one-of-a-kind hand-drawn Bow Ties, meticulously crafted for a personal touch.

ūüĎĒ Bow Tie Style:
- Dimensions: L: 7cm x W: 12cm

Unique Features:
- Immerse yourself in our completely hand-drawn designs, tailored to your dog's specific breed.
- Crafted from locally sourced textured linen, combining elegance with eco-consciousness.
- Adorned with House of Woof's signature acrylic logo, symbolising authenticity and artistry.
- Designed for comfort, featuring two discreet white elastic loops positioned at the back.

Crafted with Love in Melbourne 

Embrace the exceptional, as each bow tie is a work of art that showcases your dog's unique personality. The hand-drawn bow ties are a labor of love, rooted in creativity, and made just for you.


Please note these products are handmade and will vary in pattern placement and sizing

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