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Houndztooth - Stella's Blend No. 2 Shampoo

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Introducing Houndztooth's Stella's Blend No. 2 Shampoo, a nourishing bathing experience for your beloved dog. This carefully crafted shampoo combines the goodness of GOAT MILK, OATMEAL, and MANUKA HONEY, designed to enrich and condition the skin. Formulated with the proven power of Australian almond oil and Manuka honey, it offers exceptional care for your pet. Stella's Blend dog grooming collection is naturally-derived and features the harmonious blend of lavender, rosemary, and paperbark essential oils to clean, condition, and balance sensitive skin. The unique, non-irritant scent is not only soothing for dogs but also enchanting for their masters. Treat your furry friend to Stella's Blend No. 2 Shampoo and let them enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing bath.

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