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Aussie Dog - Mitch Ball Blue

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The Aussie Dog Mitch Ball, a rugged and durable playtime solution designed specifically for medium to large dogs. Crafted with the same innovative design features as our popular Aussie Dog Catch balls, the Mitch Ball is here to elevate your dog's playtime experience.

Key Features of the Aussie Dog Mitch Ball:
- The blue Mitch Ball boasts a softer texture compared to the red version, ensuring comfortable play for your furry friend.
- It's not just land-based fun; the blue Mitch Ball is designed to float on water, adding an extra dimension to your dog's playtime.
- These balls are pop-proof and won't deflate, offering hours of uninterrupted play.
- Safety is our top priority; like all Aussie Dog products, these Mitch Balls are 100% safe and non-toxic, providing you with peace of mind.

Choose the Aussie Dog Mitch Ball for a long-lasting, safe, and entertaining playtime companion for your medium to large dog. It's playtime without compromise!


Weight: 1.5kg

Dimensions: 18x18x18cm

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