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Aussie Dog - Footy Feeder

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Introducing the Aussie Dog Footy Feeder, the perfect solution for providing your canine companion with both physical exercise and mental stimulation. This innovative feeder features an adjustable insert that allows you to control the rate of treat release, simply dialing it to your preference.

The Footy Feeder's ball moves in an unpredictable manner, dispensing food erratically, which taps into your dog's natural instincts, challenging even the most intelligent pups. It's as easy as filling it up, selecting your desired food dispensing speed, placing it down, and watching your dog have a blast while enjoying its meal.

We offer two sizes to cater to your pet's needs:
- The Large size is ideal for dogs weighing 20kg and above and includes a 20mm Food Hole.
- The Small size is perfect for dogs under 20kg and features a 16mm Food Hole.

The Aussie Dog Footy Feeder is designed for solo play, ensuring your furry friend's entertainment and mental engagement. Rest assured, it's safe as long as the ball cannot fit into your dog's mouth. Elevate your dog's playtime and mealtime with the Aussie Dog Footy Feeder today!



Weight: 0.5kg
Dimensions: 32x15x15cm

Weight: 0.25kg
Dimensions: 21x10x10cm

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