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Aussie Dog - Catch Ball

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Introducing the Aussie Dog Catch Balls - the ultimate choice for dynamic fetch games with your loyal companion. Unlike ordinary tennis balls, these balls feature unique nodules, making them effortlessly retrievable for your furry friend while prioritizing their safety by preventing choking or airway blockage.

We offer two options: the red Catch Ball, designed for the toughest of dogs with its durable build, and the blue variant, which floats on water and offers a softer texture. Both versions are pop-resistant and built to last.

However, it's crucial to remember that while our Interactive range is resilient, it's not indestructible. For your pet's well-being, always supervise playtime and conduct regular toy inspections. If you notice any damage or parts that are broken or separated, promptly remove the toy from use. Choose Aussie Dog Catch Balls for hours of secure, thrilling playtime with your furry companion.

Weight: 0.5kg

Dimensions: 9x9x9cm

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