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Tail and Co - Kangachoo

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"Kangachoo" Kangaroo Jerky – The Perfect Balance of Flavour and Health for Your Furry Friend!

🦘 Low Fat Goodness: "Kangachoo" Kangaroo Jerky is a lean treat, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious dogs.

🥩 Tough and Chewy: This jerky is tough and chewy, providing hours of entertainment and satisfaction for your pup.

🇦🇺 Australian Kangaroo: 100% Australian Kangaroo, you can trust the quality and origin of this treat.

🚫 No Artificial Additives: "Kangachoo" contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, ensuring a natural and wholesome snack.

🦷 Dental Hygiene: These jerky pieces can help maintain your dog's dental hygiene as they chew and gnaw.

📦 Resealable Pouch: Each pack contains 100 grams of "Kangachoo" Kangaroo Jerky in a resealable pouch, keeping it fresh for every treat time.

Give your dog the taste of the outback with "Kangachoo" Kangaroo Jerky – a flavourful and nutritious reward that's sure to have tails wagging with joy!

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