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Rascals Treats - Bitch Peas! Green Pea and Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sale price$10.90


Bitch Peas! Give your sassy rascal some energy to burn with this veggie and protein-packed green pea treat! This tasty treat also contains sweet potato for added vitamin A and parsley to help keep that puppy kiss smelling good! 

- Meat and dairy free

- Packaged in certified home compostable packaging

- Vegan Australia Certified


What about allergies?

Bitch Peas! is free from common allergens including nuts, grains and oils and is meat and dairy free. 


Product information

This product is packaged in certified home compostable packaging and is Vegan Australia Certified. After opening, close the bag using the compostable zip and use the product within two months. Unopened, this product remains fresh for 18 months from the date of manufacture. 

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