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Outback Mutts - Mutt Tote

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We believe every mutt should own a bag they truly love.  A bag that is full of their stuff – a bag that they know when you grab, exciting and fun times will follow.  Whether it’s a trip to the park, a run on the beach, a play date at doggy day care, a sleepover, a camping trip, assisting humans in life, or just needing a bag to carry stuff, the mutt-tote holds everything a mutt needs.

Features include:

  • Stylish, classic, Aussie-inspired hard wearing waxed canvas fabric

  • Canvas lined leather handles for comfort, with reinforced stitching

  • Leather shoulder strap which converts to a handy dog lead  (NB: Our clips are not weighted to hold a 20+kg dog lunging or pulling. The shoulder strap/lead is suitable for taking your dog from car to inside.  We suggest adding a carabiner clip to your lead to ensure safety).

  • Leather closure strap

  • Two large inside pockets (one pocket holds mutt-bowl)

  • One large pocket on outside for quick access to frisbee, ipad, vaccination cards etc.

  • Outback Mutts leather and embroidered logos

Compliment the mutt-tote with our bowl, treat bag, water bottle and poop bag.  That way your mutt will have everything they need for their day out – all in one bag!  

Size:  L30cm x W15cm x H26cm

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