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Outback Mutts - Mutt Bowl

Sale price$19.95


The mutt-bowl can fit in any bag, hang from any belt or lead, and can be used for both water and food. A must-have accessory for the mutt on the move.  It is perfect for camping trips, hiking, or just long leisurely walks. 

Features include:

  • Stylish, classic, aussie-inspired hard wearing waxed canvas fabric, with waterproof nylon lining

  • Portable and collapsible, fitting in inside pocket of mutt-tote 

  • Leather loop to hold or to clip to belt or lead

  • 5 cup (1250ml) water capacity

  • 16cm diameter opening large enough for big snouts 

  • Outback Mutts leather and embroidered logos

Size: D16cm x H8.5cm

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