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Laila and Me - Squid Bite

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Looking for the perfect Single Protein Pet Treat that is now only healthy but an amazing chew for animals? Try our Squid Bite, that is right we dehydrated squid just for your pet. This pet treat is not only made and packaged in Melbourne, Australia but it also contains no added salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.


Benefits of Squid for dogs:

  • 100% Australian Arrow Squid
  • Low in fat
  • High in Vitamins B2 and B12
  • Contains Choline, Selenium, Copper and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Novel Protein for Pets
  • Great for pets with Allergies and Food sensitivities
  • Promotes chewing for Pet Dental Health
  • A great tool for Mental Stimulation

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